Wellington's Amusing Little Race

The Amusing Little Race traverses the Wellington CBD.  Teams are provided with clues to ‘places of interest’ around Wellington, once they decipher the clue they travel there and are then given a challenge to carry out.  Points are given for speed and creativity in the challenge.  

There is also the option of adding in a tailor made scavenger hunt (to theme the event) - this provides an extra way for teams to gather points whilst moving between locations.  This option is especially suitable for walking events.

The race can be designed to take anywhere from 2 - 5 hours and can well contained/completely under cover or more spread out.

Each team requires at least one person with a smartphone able to send or upload images to a google drive.  At the end of the race all photos are available on a password protected page on this site.

This is a fantastic way to hang out with friends for an afternoon and end up with a bunch of cool photos to remember it by.  Perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties.